Translating ideas

Leveraging the power of technology to bridge knowledge gaps

As part of Project Cignificance, volunteers produce, translate scripts for topics in the school syllabus and roll out digital videos which can be accessed freely through the internet. In line with the vision to empower Telugu medium students, the content is reviewed by Language specialists and SMEs to maintain appropriate usage of language.

Our Story

Our Vision

Project Cignificance aims to empower a million lives with free and reusable education with Telugu narration. With collaborations and technology, this project will empower every generation of students to have opportunities and exposure to educational content beyond the barriers of time and space.

Our Team

In a sense, our team is an active collaboration among employees across Software testing, HR, TA, Sales and Marketing functions at Cigniti. Led by Executive management and reviewed by Language specialists and SMEs, the project is powered by human intellect, technology and a sense of duty.

Our Work

The team produces fresh videos built on Telugu scripts and consolidates a digital video base with educational content beginning from school syllabus and extending to advanced subjects. The consecutive phases include content dissemination driven by collaborations with NGOs and schools.

About Cignificance

Cigniti’s CSR initiative Project Cignificance aims to empower a million lives with education. The project nurtures a sustainable educational ecosystem backed by audio visual educational with Telugu narration to reach out to the students studying the Telugu medium schools of Andhra Pradesh.

By ensuring freely available and reusable audio visual educational content, Project Cignificance aims to create and consolidate a knowledge base of Mathematics and Science subjects with a primary objective to empower school students from Standard V to X. The primary target audience is the population of around 6 million students who study in the Telugu medium schools run by the Government of Andhra Pradesh.

Being made available in digital format, tablets and the internet, these videos provide an alternate option for the use of books which also require a teacher to explain the topics.

The videos are self-explanatory and narrated in a simple language. While the project believes in the importance of a class room ambience with the teacher – student system, these videos serve as cost and time effective teaching aids.


A tribute to Gandhiji

As a tribute to the Father of the nation, Project Cignificance launched the first phase on Mahathma Gandhi's Birthday. On 2 October 2012, a committed team of volunteers rolled out the videos with Telugu translation.

For every generation of children, education is an opportunity for building a better future. Incase of the 6 million students in Telugu medium schools, education is interrupted by obstacles ranging from socio economic constraints to lack of educational infrastructure. In collaboration with the Khan Academy, the team identified topics that were prescribed in the Andhra Pradesh Government school syllabi. The scripts of Khan Academy videos were translated into Telugu. The videos with Telugu narration were then launched on Youtube.

Finalist as Green Testing Team of the Year

With a production of over 300 videos which amounts to the digitization of approximately 1.8 million trees every year, Project Cignificance has been nominated by TESTA awards as a finalist in the category “Green Testing Team of the Year”.

The European Software Testing Awards or TESTA for short, is Europe’s premier platform designed to recognize and celebrate innovation in the software testing and quality assurance market. The awards will be announced at the prestigious Marriott Grosvenor Square Hotel in central London on the 20th November 2013..